Brambleton, Virginia, is a small community located near Leesburg, LA with an estimated population of seventeen thousand six hundred and thirty-three people.

The peaceful and green Brambleton neighborhood in Virginia is a place that you can call home. With an exceptional livability score, this 48th ranked city in VA ranks better than 93% of its surrounding areas.

The great thing about living in Brambleton is that it has this quiet yet quaint feel to the neighborhood. There are so many parks and green spaces where you can go for a nice walk or simply enjoy nature’s beauty.

The residents of Brambleton tend to have moderate political views. There is a strong community sense in this amazing neighborhood due to it being so close-knit by proximity, leading many families here who want their children educated at one school with some friends already on-site or just around the corner from where they live.

The schools provide excellent educational opportunities for students within walking distance as well-not only does that cut down travel time but also provides greater socialization possibilities than if everyone were commuting back.

In considering the cost of living in Brambleton, it is important to know that this area has a much higher than average expense. The cost-of-living here is 52% higher than average for Virginia and 63 percent greater when you compare Brambleton prices with those across America as a whole. The Brambleton area housing is 181% higher than the U.S. average as well.

The crime rate in Brambleton is 71% lower than the national average. Violent crimes are 78% less frequent there too. You have a 1/148 chance that something will happen to you when compared with other cities throughout America – which means it’s pretty safe for residents living on this side gig-friendly town hall located just outside Leesburg.

The residents of Brambleton have a median household income that is 197% greater than the national average and an income per capita that is 78 percent higher than the United States average.

The unemployment rate in the Brambleton neighborhood is 46% lower than the national average. This implies that if you are looking for work, it’s much easier to find a job with supportive employers who will really listen and help get your career on track instead of just giving up after one bad evaluation or interview.

In Brambleton, male median earnings are 41% higher than female median earners. The poverty level in this neighborhood is 89% lower than the national average.

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