Cascades, Virginia, is a neighborhood located about 9.9 miles away from Leesburg, Virginia area with an estimated population of 12 205 people. A small townhome community perfect for those looking to be close enough to a multitude of amenities.

Cascades, Virginia, is a great place to live with exceptional livability scores and rankings. The 16th ranked city in VA has an exceptional quality of life ranking that ranks better than 97% percent of its surrounding areas.

Living in the beautiful and vibrant Cascades area offers residents a dense suburban feel. Most people own their homes, which are conveniently located near many restaurants as well as parks for children of all ages.

In the warmth of a Cascades summer, it’s hard not to feel like everything is perfect. You can enjoy long walks near one of our many parks or grab a coffee from your favorite nearby shop and get lost in their delicious flavors while watching people go about life as they know how best to.

The Cascades neighborhood is a place where people can settle down and raise families. Many families live in the area, which means there are plenty of schools for young professionals or children looking to get braces. The public school system here has high ratings from parents who’ve had their kids attend classes within them.

Living in Cascade’s is a costly endeavor. The cost of living here is 40% higher than average for Virginia and 50 percent greater when compared with the national average as well. Housing prices also tend be much more expensive due largely because there aren’t many options available; homes typically come with large lot sizes which means they’re hard to find something within your price range.

In the Cascades neighborhood, residents have a 1 in 158 chance of becoming crime victims. Violent crimes are 79% lower than the national average, while crimes rates are 73% lower than the U.S. average. These statistics mean that this neighborhood is safer than 83% of American cities.

Cascades has some of the best living standards in all of Virginia state. The average household incomes there are 158% higher than national levels. And compared to other areas across our beautiful state, you’ll find that people who live here enjoy and more opportunities for success – from better jobs with greater paychecks right down to happier lives overall  and healthier bodies too.

The unemployment rate in the Cascades neighborhood is 55% lower than the national average, making it one of many areas that can boast a strong economic climate. The median earnings for men here are 41% higher compared to women.

Cascade’s poverty level also falls drastically below what you’ll find across America – at 70% lower, and this region provides an opportunity not just for prosperity but also self-reliance if they choose so; there isn’t any need anymore because everything your heart desires will be right outside those doorsteps waiting.

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