Endoscopic Brow Lift

Often times it is the drooping forehead muscles and brow that gives the eyes the “fatigued” or “mean” appearance and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) may not be the corrective procedure. More often than not, an Invisible Incision Brow/Midface Lift (Endoscopic Forehead/Midface Lift) may prevent incisions on the upper eyelids or eyelid surgery completely, especially in younger patients. Beware of those who tell you that the only surgical procedure in their practice is blepharoplasty, because often times that is the only procedure the surgeon is trained to perform.

The Endoscopic Brow and Midface Lift is truly a minimally invasive procedure. Traditional approaches involved an ear-to-ear incision which removed scalp skin and hair called the Coronal Brow Lift. This technique has the stigmata of multiple complications including brow asymmetry, facial nerve injury (paralysis of the forehead), asymmetry of the hairline, pull back of the hairline, scalp scarring, loss of hair across the incision and entire scalp, blood loss and lengthy procedure time. Much like making your bed, when the top sheet was placed and a wrinkle was seen on the opposite side of the bed, you would not go to the opposite side of the wrinkle and pull as hard as you could. Rather, you would walk to the side of the wrinkle and smooth it directly. This is the simple principle of the Endoscopic Brow and Midface Lift.

Four to five tiny (1.5 cm or less) incisions, concealed in the hair, are used as mere access for an endoscope (fiber optic camera) and a laser. These high-tech instruments are used to access the strongly attached muscles of the forehead, brow, crow’s feet and glabella (fullness between the eyes). With our unique technique, two small incisions are made in the vestibule of the inside of the upper lip and mouth, the muscles are released in a fashion that prevent facial nerve injury. Next without removing any skin or hair of the scalp, the brows are symmetrically elevated and secured to the bone utilizing resorbable bone tacks that allow rapid healing.

Please refer to the pre-operative and post operative instructions for details.

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