With a population of about 10,472 people and located near Leesburg, VA, Countryside is one neighborhood you shouldn’t miss out on.

In case you’re looking for a city in Virginia with exceptional livability scores, look no further than Countryside. This neighborhood ranks 26th out of the entire state and better than 95% of its surrounding areas.

The Countryside neighborhood is a beautiful suburban area with plenty to offer. Residents enjoy eating at some popular restaurants, shopping in the mall for furniture or clothes that they can’t find anywhere else and taking their dog on walks through one of many parks located throughout this neighborhood as well as others just like it across town.

Living in Countryside is more expensive than the average elsewhere, but you’ll still find it affordable if your financial means stretch that far. The cost-of life here exceeds 28% higher than Virginia and 38 percent greater when compared nationally; housing prices also housing there tends to be 98 percent more expensive as well.

In the Countryside, there is a 1 in 109 chance that you will become a victim of crime. Violent crimes are 70% lower than they would be nationally, and overall, people living on this land have peace of mind knowing their safety comes first. Countryside is a much safer place to live than 74% of the cities in America. The crime rate here has been shown to be 61% lower than the national average.

The people of Countryside are typically moderate in their political views, with a slight majority voting for the candidate who they believe will best represent them. The public schools here also have high ratings from parents.

The Countryside neighborhood is a fortunate place to live with its high incomes and access to resources. The income per capita in the Countryside neighborhood is a whopping 55% higher than the national average, while median household incomes are 104% greater than the national average.

The unemployment rate in the Countryside neighborhood is 18% lower than the national average, illustrating how this area has been able to create jobs for its citizens. Additionally, male median earnings are 41% higher than female median wages, which shows that there may be some work-related inequality within our society, but hopefully, with these statistics, we can all learn from each other’s success.

The Countryside neighborhood is a great place to live if you want your property value and accessibility both to be at an utmost high. The real estate prices in this area are 51% higher than the average rate seen throughout Virginia, while rental costs tend to run 54 percent more expensive as well.

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