COVID19 Office Precautionary Directive

The Doctors and Staff at Potomac Surgical Arts are committed to assuring that the health and safety of our patients is always paramount to us. Throughout this crisis, we are continually following all American Medical Association, American Dental Association, Virginia Dental Association, and State of Virginia’s COVID19 precautionary sterilization measures in our treatment rooms, imaging areas, consultation rooms, and the entirety of all other areas of our office space.

The following are only a few of the precautionary measures we are taking, to help keep our patients and staff safe in our office during these unprecedented times.

  1. We have already begun using a COVID sanitizing system that utilizes a pre-cleaning coupled with Professional Sanitizing with Clorox Total 360 spray treatment, an innovative Government approved COVID disinfectant treatment that reaches even the hardest to get to areas throughout the entirety of all our office spaces.
  2. Continual sterilization of entirety of office including treatment rooms, imaging areas, consult rooms, and all other areas of our footprint will occur throughout the day.
  3. Hospital grade sterilization of all equipment and tools is always in place in our office.
  4. Patients, and all others, entering our office must successfully complete the Virginia Dental Association’s SARS-COV-2 (COVID19) Patient Advisory and Acknowledgment Questionnaire screening, prior to entering the office.
  5. We have limited the entry and exit to the office to one pathway in for patients, and a separate pathway out.
  6. Patients will be immediately directed to a treatment room, and we have suspended use of our reception area.
  7. We will be temperature screening Doctors, staff, patients, and all who enter our office, prior to entry.
  8. We have suspended the use of procedural tools and some anesthesia that can increase risk of asymptotic Viral transmission through aerosol pathway.
  9. Doctors and all staff are equipped with Level 3 masks, and disposable PPE.
  10. Doctor and all staff scrubs are being professionally sterilized.

Use of our Virtual Consultation Platform on our website has helped to reduce the number of patient visits to the office, and has allowed us to help mitigate exposure. All patients can make use of this platform, from home, regardless of Dental or Cosmetic request for consultation.

Virtual Consultation Request

Please visit our Patient Information portal for Patient Arrival Protocol, as well as any documents you may need to complete to be seen either in office or through our Virtual Portal.

Patient Arrival Protocol

Our entire staff at Potomac Surgical Arts looks forward to seeing you soon!