In-office Appointment Protocol

The following Patient Protocol is designed, on our part, to help keep patients, their families, and our staff safe.

  1. Please complete all new patient paperwork online in our Patient Information Portal prior to arriving at our office.
  2. Please call the office at 703-723-5366 from your car in the parking lot and we will greet you in the lobby of our building.
  3. Upon being greeting in the lobby, you will be asked to wash your hands in the lobby bathroom prior to entering the office.
  4. All patients will enter our office through our lobby office door, and exit from a separate door that opens to the front parking lot.
  5. Patients will be immediately taken to treatment or consultation rooms, rather than congregate in the reception area.
  6. For Social Distancing purposes, and to limit the number of people who enter our office, drivers, parents, etc., will be asked to remain in the car for the duration of the patient’s appointment.
  7. Payment for services or procedures can be made in treatment rooms or prepaid at your car, as we have suspended patients or others from use of our reception area to help mitigate your exposure throughout the office.