George C. Marshall’s Dodona Manor is a historical testimonial to the success of Leesburg’s Old and Historic District, located on 3.8-acre gardens with centuries-old trees that provide ample shade for visitors seeking peace in this bustling metropolis.
The residence of General George C. Marshall from 1941 until 1959, the Dodona Manor has been designated a National Historic Landmark for its association with one of our most prominent military leaders in history and an American icon who had distinguished service spanning 44 years., including time served during world war II; this man’s story at home before WWII begins is just as interesting.
George C. Marshall’s Dodona Manor, located in Leesburg, Virginia, and operated by the George C. Marshall International Center, is a historic house museum where visitors can enjoy tours of this beautiful manor home with its English country style furnishings from 18th century America.
This house was the home of George and Katherine Marshall from 1941 to 1959. It is now a museum that celebrates their lives together with many other historical items, including an original portrait of them when they first came into possession of this property.
Situated at 312 E Market St, Leesburg, VA 20176-4100, George C. Marshall’s Dodona Manor is a place of learning and legacy, where you can tour the grounds to learn about General George’s life story in addition to being able to participate during programs that teach leadership principles he believed so deeply upon for years before leading America into World War II.
You can tour his home, which provides an immersive experience with historical detail that will leave your senses tingling from all they’ve seen – or come by anytime during museum’s hours where they show films about him on their screen while providing resources so visitors may learn more themselves.
With sprawling grounds, tiled patios, and cream-colored facade that makes this home stand out from the crowd, it’s no wonder why Dodona Manor stands tall as one of George C. Marshall International Center’s most popular attractions today.
The historic Dodona Manor is a fascinating place to visit for any lover of history. The manor’s interiors tell stories about George C. Marshall and his family, from their everyday lives as well as that which shaped them in whole or part – past events can be seen here.
George C. Marshall’s Dodona Manor gives a glimpse into the life of a man who had an influence during World War II and beyond. Visit George’s halls and witness how he shaped modern society as we know it today.

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