Lansdowne is a neighborhood located about 4.9 miles away from Leesburg, VA, with an estimated population of 11,742 people.

Lansdowne, VA, is a small but cozy community with an exceptional livability score and is the 59 ranked neighborhood in Virginia. This means that it ranks better than 92% of its surrounding areas in terms of living conditions and quality of life.

Lansdowne is a wonderful place to call home with its urban feel and lots of green spaces. With so much going on in the area, residents are never bored. There’s always something new around every corner – whether you’re looking for food or just need some time outdoors. A lot can happen during your daily commute from work into town, but when it comes down right here at Lansdowne, you’ll find everything that makes living easy.

The Lansdowne neighborhood is a small yet vibrant city that has everything you need. With large parks scattered all around the area and delicious food at every turn, there’s no shortage of things to do in Lansdale.

The Lansdowne neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for the perfect balance between progress and tranquility. While it’s not quite as hip or trendy in comparison with other neighborhoods, this area still has all of your needs met: there are plenty of dining options on main streets where residents can enjoy fresh food at one restaurant after another; people around here don’t tend to hold strong political views, but they do respect them because everyone shares enough common ground that disagreements remain cordial rather than contentious throughout each day – even sundown. The public schools serving children from kindergarten through twelfth grade also get high marks which means families living here will never lack stability when things heat up between teacher strikes.

The cost of living in the Lansdowne neighborhood is exceptionally high, with a whopping 41% higher prices than the Virginia average and 52% higher than the U.S. average. Housing here commands 144 percent more compared to other locations across America.

The Lansdowne neighborhood is a safe and peaceful community where you have an almost 1 in 158 chance of becoming a victim of crime. The area has lower violent, property-related offenses, with crime rates 74% lower than the U.S. average. With rates of violent crime at 79% lower than the U.S. average, you have an excellent opportunity to enjoy your life without worry when visiting or working here.

Lansdowne, with its high-quality schools and well-paying jobs, offers a more stimulating environment for people looking to start their own business or find success within one. The town’s residents enjoy an excellent safety net that provides them back up if things go wrong alongside top-notch healthcare services, which make it easy on both parent and child.

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