Loudoun Valley Estates is a quiet neighborhood located about 7.4 miles away from Leesburg, with an estimated population of 6109 people.

The area features lush greenery and rolling hills as well as charming small towns that offer many opportunities for adventure seekers who want plenty going on outside their doorsteps but also have easy access to all necessary amenities within reach by car or public transportation if needed.

Loudoun Valley Estates, VA, is a neighborhood with an exceptional livability score and has been ranked 89th out of all cities in Virginia. This area scores higher than 88% of its surrounding areas for livability and quality of life indexes.

Living in the Loudoun Valley Estates neighborhood is a great way to enjoy the best that both suburban and rural areas have to offer. Most homes in this neighborhood are owner-occupied, which means you’ll find tranquil neighborhoods with lots of green space as well on your commute into work or school each day.

This lovely community has plenty for everyone – from immaculate lawns perfect for playing ball outside late afternoon after dinner time to bike paths lining its streets so people can explore nature without leaving behind their cars keys at home during these hot days.

The Loudoun Valley Estates neighborhood is a fantastic place to call home. The public schools in this area are highly rated and offer many opportunities for children’s education, whether it be through their curriculum or extracurricular activities.

The cost of living in Loudoun Valley Estates is a whopping 65% higher than the Virginia average and 77% higher than the national average, which means it’s even more expensive if you live here on your own. The housing here is 228 percent more than what we may find nationwide.

Living in Loudoun Valley Estates is safer and offers many amenities to its residents. With crime rates 77% lower than the national average and violent crimes 82 percent less likely to happen here – you’re sure to get what your money buys. There are 1/185 chances that any given resident will become a victim of criminal activity when living here.

The people living in Loudoun Valley Estates have a median household income that is 230% higher than the national average. They also enjoy 100 percent more prosperity and satisfaction with their lives as it pertains to finances, health care outcomes for themselves or loved ones which can be attributed largely due to this vibrant community’s high income per capita.

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