The Oatlands Historic House & Garden is more than 200 years old, but it’s not just the historical significance that makes this place so captivating. The formal gardens were constructed near to a house, and you can feel time when walking through them; your feet sink into damp soil as if decades have passed since anyone else stepped on these grounds.
The historic house and garden at Oatlands was originally built on a terrace to create level spaces. The wall that surrounds it, as well as the walkways, are all original, but containers were added in the 1900s along with other structures like rose gardens or herb beds for extra beauty; there is also a bowling green where people can enjoy leisurely games of chance while they’re here.
Oatlands is a historic estate that encompasses both a teahouse, shop, and inn on site. Tours are conducted daily from April to December in order to allow the visitor and give them ample time to explore this incredible property while they still can.
The historic Oatlands House and Garden is a popular choice for weddings, with bookings usually being months in advance. They offer educational programs that reach out to schools or scouts alike – perfect if you’re looking for a unique experience.
The exterior of this gorgeous home is enough to make anyone’s jaw drop. The Oatlands Historic House and Garden have done an incredible job at preserving such a historic property for all those who want to see what life back then might’ve been like. The home of Oatlands Historic House & Garden is a place you’ll want to visit for its impeccable beauty. It’s hard not to be stunned by such an incredible structure, which was built way back in 1810.
Situated at 20850 Oatlands Plantation Ln, Leesburg, Virginia 20175, The Oatlands Historic House & Garden is a historic estate that includes structures such as carriage houses, barns, and cottages. But the main building takes all of your attention- you will find yourself wanting to look at it even when exploring other parts on their grounds. This is a National Historic Landmark, open to visitors between March and December. The elegant windows and precise architecture make it an attractive site for photographers.
Also, Oatlands Historic House and Garden is a picturesque Virginia estate that was the family home for several generations of prominent Americans. The tour provides an opportunity to see old furniture, artifacts from different eras in American history as well photographs showcasing how people lived back when this was farmland.
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