Understanding our Specialty

Your General dentist diagnose and treat diseases and disorders in your mouth. You might see a general dentist for a teeth cleaning or filling. Often times, your general dentist will assess your condition before recommending a specialist.

As your Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon we will diagnose and treat injuries and defects of both the hard and soft tissues of the face, jaw and mouth. You might come see us to have any of those treatment describe below.

Graphic listing OMS procedures

We understand that choosing the right dentist for a specific problem or need might be challenging. And even though your general dentist will always be there to guide you, we found it important, here at Potomac Surgical Arts, to educate you on the different type of dentists who have made ensuring healthy smiles their mission:

Endodontics infographic
Periodontics infographic
Prosthodontics infographic
Orthodontics infographic