Situated at 13648 Tarara Ln, Leesburg, VA area, Tarara Winery is a great place to go for wine enthusiasts, whether you’re looking into the history of Virginia wineries or just want some good old fashioned fermented grapes. Retired property developer Whitie Hubert bought 475 acres at Potomac River with his intention being pioneering this industry; if it’s not already there, then that makes him an even better pioneer.
Tarara Winery is committed to making wines that are 100% naturally derived. The grapes for their table grape variety come from a single vineyard on the estate, as well as locally sourced fruit growers who supply us with apples and pears too.
This winery prides itself on producing wines with a simple yet elegant philosophy. The winemakers never use any other tricks to create their fantastic product; instead, they focus all attention on perfecting every detail and ensuring precision during the production process. To ensure high-quality products, they pursue an approach that focuses more heavily on precision rather than using shortcuts like some other producers might do during production.
Also, Tarara Winery prides itself on making wines with soul, intrigue and most importantly, a sense of place. The winemakers at Tarara like to make their drink what they would enjoy drinking themselves – which means the finished product has an added dimension that sets it apart from other bottled offerings in stores or online today. You can find a sense of place in Tarara Winery’s wines. The winemaking team likes to make them with soul, intrigue and most importantly – enjoyment.
Enjoy the natural beauty of Tarara Winery with a taste to match. Their wines are made from grapes, and we don’t add any additives or designer yeast- just like nature intended. Watch as their vineyard landscape shines through in each bottle you enjoy.
Their estate’s vineyard, Nevaeh Vineyard, has a unique terroir that makes it unlikely anyone will have quite this combination for soil types and exposures to various elements, including proximity from Catoctin Foothills eastward along with moderating effects by Potomac River as well as Shadow Lake nearby which all combine make up something special on each block throughout their vast acres.
Tarara Winery is a winemaking company that does not confine itself to traditional rules. They aim for an eclectic blend in the wine they make, which represents where and who Tararas are as people- from their unique culture on Sicily’s east coast or wherever else you may find them.
This winery is the perfect getaway for those looking to escape this hectic world and enjoy some time away. With their beautiful views, delicious wine options, and family-friendly atmosphere Tararas offers something special in every season.

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