What’s more family-friendly than an animal park? The Leesburg Animal Park offers visitors the chance to pet goats, sheep, and llamas. It is also home to many other farm animals that you can roam around with or take on wagon rides. What better way is there to spend your day while enjoying unique attractions like these at this local institution.
The Leesburg Animal Park is the perfect place for animal lovers who want an up-close experience with farm animals like goats, sheep, and llamas. You can meet these furry friends in their own habitat or take part in family-friendly activities like Wagon Rides.
Go take a trip to the Leesburg Animal Park, where you can enjoy all sorts of fun activities. There are pony rides and wagon rides, as well as petting zoos with live animals. You’ll also find playgrounds for kids inside an outer round patio area perfect if it’s hot outside- because who doesn’t love playing games under covered Tile roofs? And don’t forget about our amazing Camel Rides available on weekends.
The animals of the Leesburg Animal Park are waiting for you. Meet a diversity of animals such as llamas and alpacas, cows, bunnies & ducks. You can also meet goats or sheep, but that’s not all – there is an entire menagerie of other species too: donkeys and pigs; even some quadrupeds make their home here in central Virginia with them at this petting facility.
Situated at 19270 James Monroe Hwy, Leesburg, VA 20175-9047, The Leesburg Animal Park has an abundance of exotic animals. Just some that you can find at their exhibits include African Serval Cats, White-Handed Gibbons, and Zebras. There are also Camels in the camel exhibit as well as Patagonian Cavy for those who enjoy looking at unusual creatures from around the globe; Coatimundis which come across more like sloths than rats with quills on their backlit by fur, so it appears almost fluffy when they move about (it’s kind) Sloth bears whose slow movements make them easy targets preyed upon not only by tigers but humans too – Squirrel Monkeys reside here through all four seasons making this place one big family reunion waiting to happen.
Also, The Leesburg Animal Park is a great place for children of all ages. The indoor area has something that will appeal to every child, from giant slides and trampolines on the first floor to arts & crafts in Discovery Room – there’s never enough time. For those who want more than just playtime, there are birthday party rooms where kids can enjoy watching live animal exhibits.

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