The Lost Creek Vineyards & Winery, situated at 43285 Spinks Ferry Rd, Leesburg, VA 20176-5629, is a family winemaking company that strives to offer wines with minimal intervention. They believe in letting the fruit speak for itself, and so their philosophy of wine-making starts out by planting only high-quality grapes from vineyards they own. The vines at Lost Creek are a source of pride for their owners. This winery takes great care in making sure that, from the fruit itself and minimizing intervention by humans as much as possible, every drop is worth drinking.
The vineyards and winery at Lost Creek is a hidden gem in Leesburg area. They focus on sustainable practices, like organic farming that utilizes minimal environmental impact to promote healthy soil for years of harvesting with each vintage they produce. Their meticulous pruning throughout the year allows them to optimize fruit characteristics depending on weather conditions during its growing season so you can drink your favorite wines fresh every time without having them sit in storage or age too quickly before they’re ready to drink.
The vines at Lost Creek are lovingly cared for by a team that is committed to using high-quality techniques. They focus on showcasing the fruit from around Loudoun County, VA, and creating elegant yet complex wines with an emphasis on acidity & fruitness in every sip. Come to the Vineyards and Winery at Lost Creek for a unique wine tasting. You’ll be able to experience what it feels like being in an elegant vineyard with a fruitiness that is both complex yet approachable.
The vineyards and winery at Lost Creek are home to some delicious wines. They make their Chardonnay whole-cluster pressed, barrel fermented in French Oak barrels. This means that when you order a glass of this wine, it will be fresh off the press with low levels of fermentation still going on during drinking time.
There are many unique wines from all over Virginia, but the Lost Creek Wineries have something special. All their products come with a percentage of Loudoun County grapes grown on-site in our winery and handcrafted using only pure VDAs (Virginia Diamonds). With an estate vineyard that produces 16 acres worth of fruit for us to grab every year, as well as Short Hill Mountain or even more up North at Bluemont, these people know how to make some fine wine.
Are you planning an event? Planning to have a get-together with friends or family but don’t know where the perfect spot is for you and your guests in Lost Creek. Don’t worry. They’ve got just what will work perfectly at both their winery space as well as The Harvest House – venue of choice when planning intimate weddings & special events like birthday parties up to 150 people (or more).

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