University Center is a neighborhood located near Leesburg, VA, with an estimated population of 4,018 people.

Located in Virginia, University Center has a livability score that ranks it among one of Virginia’s finest neighborhoods. With an exceptional quality of life ranking and better than 92% living within its borders compared to other areas around them – this city provides residents with all they need for happiness.

The cost of living in the University Center neighborhood is 20% higher than the Virginia average and 29% higher than the national average, while housing there can be as much as 69 percent more expensive. The city has some great restaurants that offer authentic cuisine from around the world.

University center is safe haven from crime. Violent crimes in this city are 71% lower than the national average, and you have 1 chance out of 113 to be victimized here. Also, the University Center neighborhood is a safe place to live with crime rates 62% lower than the national average, and It’s safer compared to 75% of cities across the United States.

The people of the University Center neighborhood have a higher income than most other areas. In fact, the median household incomes there are 49% greater than what you would expect from national averages. In this neighborhood, the income per capita is 29% higher than the U.S. average.

When it comes to median earnings, males in University Center make 41% more than females. The 65 percent lower unemployment rate and 51 percentage point difference between poverty levels can be attributed largely due to the area’s thriving economy-centered availability of employment opportunities.

University Center is a safe place to live, work and raise children. The school test scores in this community are on par with the national average – making it easy for residents of all ages or backgrounds can get an education here without worrying about their child’s safety from others who may not want them going through life ahead because they’re different than most people around town.

In the University Center neighborhood, 91.0% of people have completed 8th grade, 91.0% have completed high school, and 46.9% of its population have completed a bachelor’s degree.

University Center is a great place to live, but it’s even better when you’re looking for real estate. The prices in this area are 26% higher than average and rental rates are 40% higher than the VA average.

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