Woodburn, VA, is a neighborhood located about 3.3 miles away from Leesburg area with an estimated population of 8677 people.

The Woodburn neighborhood in Virginia has always been considered as one that houses middle-class families who are looking for some peace and quiet when they’re not working or going out into town on weekends because it’s close enough proximity but still far enough to feel like you have your privacy back since most neighborhoods don’t allow any isolation among neighbors anyway; so if this sounds good then consider checking the Woodburn area today.

Woodburn is a beautiful suburban town with plenty of things to do. Whether you’re looking for fine dining or coffee on every corner, this city has it all. Not only does Woodburn have an excellent selection of restaurants, but they also offer many parks where residents can enjoy their free time outdoors in nature’s beauty.

The Woodburn neighborhood is a perfect place to call home if you’re looking for the feel of a city living with all its perks without being too far from everything that makes life interesting. The public schools in this area are highly rated and offer an excellent education that will prepare your child (or student) well into adulthood, but there’s also plenty else worth seeing around this neighborhood.

In Woodburn, the cost of living is higher than in other areas; it is 50% higher than the Virginia average and 61% higher than the national average. Housing prices are also 175 percent greater here as compared to average rates across America.

Woodburn, VA, is a much safer place than most U.S cities as it has 75% lower crime rates and 81 percent fewer violent crimes than the national average. You have an opportunity to be the victim of any type of theft or burglary if in this town there are only 1/172 chances to be a crime victim here- that’s not so bad.

Woodburn has a higher income per capita than most other places in America. The income per capita in this neighborhood is 55% higher than the national average, while the median household incomes are 87% greater here than the U.S. average too, making it one of the best cities to live if you’re looking for great financial rewards while still enjoying life at an affordable cost.

Woodburn has some of the most desirable wages in all of Virginia. Male median earnings in Woodburn are 41% higher than female median earners, and unemployment rates here also tend to be much lower when compared with nationwide data (15% lower). The poverty level is also 55% lower than the national average too.

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